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Space Privacy, Floor Privacy, and Chat Settings

Security is just as important in virtual spaces as it is in real life. Here you can review the privacy options available for your Space and individual Floors, as well as how to choose the chat settings available to your guests.

Space Privacy Settings

You can access your Privacy Settings from the Lobby of your Space:

  1. Go to your Space page and follow the prompts to join your Space. 
  2. In the Lobby, click on the Settings and Privacy button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select your preferred privacy option and click Save to apply it.

You can choose from the following settings:

  • Only registered users can access this Space: This is the default option, allowing only registered users to access your Space. It makes it easier to remove misbehaving guests. 
  • Only co-hosts can access this Space: This option allows you to close your Space to all guests except hosts and co-hosts. 

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  • All registered and unregistered users can access this Space*: With this option, your guests are not required to register their email to enter your Space. 
  • Password-protect this Space*: Select this option and you will be prompted to choose a password. Only guests who know your password will be able to access your Space. 
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  • Only registered users with your email domain can access this Space*: This option is best if all your guests are on the same email domain as you.
  • Only registered users on the guest list can access this Space*: Choosing this option will prompt you to enter email addresses of the participants who are allowed access to your Space. 
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You can enter the email addresses manually, or upload a .txt or .csv file, which allows you to add up to 1000 email addresses at once. 

  • Single sign-on*: This option allows your guests to access your Space using the same credentials they use at your company. 

*These security options are available on our Professional and Custom plans. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information about advanced security options.

Floor Privacy Settings

Floor privacy settings are a great way to secure individual Floors in your Space.

To select your Floor Privacy Settings:

  1. Go to your Space page and follow the prompts to join your Space.
  2. In the Lobby, click the Settings button in the top right corner of the Floor thumbnail, then click on Edit Floor Settings.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Anyone who can enter the Space can enter this Floor: this is the default option and is directly linked to how you’ve chosen to secure your Space. 
    • Password protect this Floor: only people who you share your password with will be able to enter this Floor in your Space.

To set a Floor password:

  1. Select the Password protect this Floor option.
  2. Enter your chosen password in the provided field.
  3. Click Update Floor to save your settings.
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    • Only co-hosts can see and enter this Floor: Closed Floors will appear at the bottom of the Lobby and will only be accessible to hosts and co-hosts.
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To open a closed Floor to guests:

  1. Click the Floor thumbnail to enter.
  2. Click the Open Floor to guests banner in the bottom of the screen.

You can also change the Floor privacy settings back to Anyone who can enter the space can enter this Floor option, above.

Chat settings

You can choose how your guests can use the chat function in your Kumospace:

  1. Go to your Space page and follow the prompts to join your space. 
  2. Click on the Settings and Privacy button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select your preferred chat option or disable chat completely by unticking all of the boxes. Click Save to finish. 
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These are the available chat options:

  • Direct message: Select the person you want to send a private message.
  • Nearby: Send a message to everyone in your audio range. 
  • Current Floor: Guests will be able to send messages to everyone on the Floor. 
  • All Floors: Guests will be able to send messages across your Space.

Note that no matter which chat option you select for your guests, hosts and co-hosts will be able to message using all methods. 


If you need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out: hello@kumospace.com