Managing Co-hosts and Guests

Hosts in Kumospace can assign Co-hosts to help them manage the Space, and other Guests.

Host powers

Kumospace Hosts are the creators of the account and have elevated permissions, including to:

  • Manage Space Privacy settings: e.g. name and secure the Space, and individual Floors.
  • Manage Chat settings: they can choose the Chat settings available to Guests. Hosts and Co-hosts are able to use all Chat options available.
  • Manage Floors: create, edit, and delete Floors, close them to guests, choose pre-designed templates, and customize them.
  • Designate Co-hosts: promote Guests to Co-hosts to help manage the Space, and demote them as needed.
  • Plus, everything co-hosts can do! See below.

Co-host powers

Only the Host of a Space can promote Guests to Co-hosts, extending access to the following permissions:

  • Broadcast: allowing them to share their video and audio with the Floor they're on, or across All Floors.
  • Change Audio Range: to adjust the Audio Range for everyone to one of four options: QuietNormalLoud, or Entire Floor.
  • Move people to seats: perfect for when you'd like everyone to be seated, people will be moved to the nearest seat.
  • Mute people: mute unruly Guests (they can unmute themselves if necessary).
  • Block people: block disruptive Guests from the Space.

For a brief overview of Host and Co-host permissions, scope out the Host and Co-host Guide.

People Menu

Kumospace Hosts and Co-hosts can use the People menu as a useful tool for managing Guests. In addition to searching for people, viewing who is in the space, and which room they’re in, you can also use the People tab to:

Promote and Demote Co-hosts

Hosts can promote or demote Guests to Co-hosts, a) while they are in the Space, or b) remotely.

Note that they don't need to be on the same Floor, as the People menu displays everybody in the Space. 

a) If the person is in the Space:

  1. Open the People menu on the left of the bottom bar. 
  2. Search for the person you need, then click their name. 
  3. Select the Promote to Co-host option.

Co-hosts will keep their role until you demote them.

To demote someone from Co-host, repeat the above steps, and select the Demote from Co-host option at the end.

b) If the person is not in your Space:

  1. Open the People menu.
  2. Click the Manage Guests button, and select the Manage Co-hosts option from the dropdown.
  3. Add the email of the person you want to promote to Co-host, and click Add.


All the Co-hosts in your Space will be displayed here. You can remove Co-hosts by clicking the Demote button next to their name.

Block Guests

Sometimes you may need to remove misbehaving Guests from your Space:

  1. Open the People menu.
  2. Click on their name.
  3. Select the Remove from Space option.

Blocked users will not be able to return to your Space until you grant them access again. 

To unblock a user:

  1. Open the People menu.
  2. Click the Manage Guests button at the top of the People menu.
  3. Select the Manage Blocked Guests option, and click Unblock next to their name.

Mute Guests

To mute individuals:

  1. Open the People menu.
  2. Click on the person's name, and select the Mute option.

Additionally, you can hover over the video of the person you need to mute, and click the Mute button.

Muted participants can easily unmute themselves if necessary by clicking on the Microphone button in the bottom bar.

To mute all guests simultaneously:

  1. Open the People men.
  2. Click the Manage Guests button.
  3. Select the Mute All Guests on the Floor option.

A pop up will prompt you to specify who you want to mute. You can select to mute people Nearby (in your Audio Range), or on the Entire Floor.

mute guests

Move People to Seats

When you’d like everyone to be seated, you can:

  1. Open the People menu.
  2. Click the Manage Guests button.
  3. Select the Move People to Seats option from the dropdown.
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You can choose to Include co-hosts by ticking the box in the bottom, otherwise only Guests will be moved to seats. 

Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 19.22.57People will be moved to the nearest seat to you. You will not move.


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