Kumospace User Guide

Read this guide to learn about the Kumospace experience, starting in the Lobby: join a Floor, navigate Kumospace, set up your camera and microphone, invite people, view Space Analytics, use Emojis, and our Chat, People and Settings tabs.


The Kumospace experience begins in the Lobby. 

Lobby – host view

As a Kumospace host, you can view Space analytics, manage your Space and Space Privacy Settings from the Lobby. These options are not visible to guests.

lobby host view

Lobby – guest view

Guests that enter a Kumospace will land in the Lobby, where they can choose which Floor to join.

At the bottom of each Floor thumbnail you can see the name of the Floor, how many people are on it, and the Floor capacity. 

You’ll also find the Chat and People tabs in the bottom left of the Lobby.

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You can use them to see who is in the space, on which Floor, and to send messages to individual participants, or the entire Space.

Joining a Floor

To go to a Floor, just click on it!

Moving around the Floor

There are multiple ways to move around in Kumospace:

  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Pressing up, down, left, or right will move you in those directions. 
  • You can also use the W, A, S, D keys to move up, left, down, and right, respectively.
  • Double-click on the area you want to go using your mouse or touchpad, and your video will move to that location.
  • Open the Map, and click on the area you want to go. Your video will move to that location.
  • On a phone or tablet, click on where you’d like to go and you will move you in that direction.  

Zoom in and out 

You can zoom in and out to adjust the view of your surroundings and other people in Kumospace. 

On the top right of your screen, you will see the plus (+) and minus (-) icons.

Click plus (+) to zoom in, and minus (-) to zoom out. 

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Alternatively, you can use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out. 


To get a better view of the space without having to move, click anywhere on your screen and drag.

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To recenter your view, click the Bullseye icon on the top-right of your screen.


Clicking the Map icon on the right of your screen, will show you where everyone is on the Floor, including their initials. You can also press on your keyboard to open the Map.

If you hover over someone's initials on the Map, you can see their entire name. 

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You can also use the Map to quickly move around the Floor. Click on the area you’d like to go on the Map, and you will move there.

Spatial audio

Sound in Kumospace behaves like it does in real life. The closer you are to someone – the louder you will hear them, and the further away you are from someone – the quieter they will sound. We call this spatial audio. 

This technology allows multiple groups to have different conversations in the same space.

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Audio range

The faint circle around your video represents your spatial audio range. You can hear anyone inside this circle and they can hear you. Anyone outside the circle is out of "earshot". 

To have a private conversation in Kumospace, grab your friend, and move to an empty part of the Floor. Not only will this remove you from other guests' spatial audio ranges, but it also signals that you want a little privacy. 

Adjust the audio range

Hosts and co-hosts can change the audio range of the  Floor:

  1. Click the Settings button on the bottom-right of the screen, and choose the Floor tab on the right.
  2. Scroll down to Audio Range and select from four different audio ranges depending on the event you're hosting:
    • Quiet: This reduces the radius of your guests' spatial audio range - a good option for when you have a lot of people, to help your guests avoid hearing too many conversations at once.
    • Normal: This is the default setting and works well with groups of all sizes.
    • Loud: This increases the radius of guests' spatial audio range. It's a good option for when you need large groups to be part of a conversation. 
    • Entire Floor: This option gives everyone on the Floor a megaphone. Everyone can hear everybody else on the Floor, no matter how far away they are from each other. This option is good for large meetings. Note that for technical reasons, the Entire Floor range is not supported for more than 30 people.

   3.   Click Save Changes to apply the Floor settings.

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In the center-left of the bottom control bar, you will see the Camera button. Clicking it allows you to turn your camera off or on. Alternatively, you can press the 1 key on your keyboard. 

For the best experience, we recommend keeping your camera on, but if you do choose to switch it off, a profile picture will appear. Read more about changing your profile picture in our help article Create Your Account and Space.

If you need to change your camera input, you can do so by clicking the Settings tab, which you will see on the right of the bottom control bar. 

Video issues

If you ever experience any issues with your video, try switching your camera off and on using the Camera button. This resets your video and should fix the issue.

Alternatively, please read this useful guide to Optimize Your Kumospace Experience.


In the center of the bottom control bar, you’ll find the Microphone button. Clicking it will allow you to mute and unmute yourself. The keyboard shortcut for the Microphone button is the key. 

If you need to change your microphone input, you can find it by clicking the Settings tab, located on the right of the bottom control bar. 

Audio issues

If you ever experience any sound issues, try switching your microphone off and on, using the Microphone button. This resets your audio and should fix the issue. 

Alternatively, please read this useful guide to Optimize Your Kumospace Experience.


Clicking the Pop-out button from the control bar allows you to see the faces of the people near you, i.e. in your audio range, even if you're off the Kumospace tab. 

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Click the Back to tab and you'll jump back to the Kumospace tab, without having to look for it in your browser.

Invite your friends

There are two ways to invite guests to your Kumospace:

  • From your space: Click the Invite button on the top of your screen to share your unique Kumospace URL, and invite guests to your space, or a specific Floor in your space. 
    You can invite people via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp by clicking on the respective icons on the bottom left of the Invite people popup, or click the Copy URL button and send the invitation link to your guests.
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  • From anywhere: You can also invite guests by sending them your unique Kumospace URL directly. Your Kumospace URL will look like this: www.kumospace.com/YourSpaceName.


The Chat function allows users to send Direct messages to people, message people Nearby, the Current Floor, or All Floors in the space.

To start chatting:

    1. Click the Chat tab, on the left of the bottom control bar, or press the key on your keyboard.
    2. Select one of the following options from the dropdown:
      • All Floors: This will send a message to everyone in the space, even if they are on a different Floor.
      • Current Floor: This will send a message only to the people on the same Floor as you. 
      • Nearby: This will send a message only to the people in your audio circle, i.e. people who can hear you will be able to read it.
      • Specific person: This will send a private message only to the person you have selected. 
    3.   Enter your message in the provided field and click Send.


    Make sure to click on the correct name when sending a private message so you don’t mistakenly message the entire Floor! 

    Scope out this help article on Space Privacy, Floor Privacy and Chat Settings for details on adjusting the chat options available to your guests.

    Emoji reactions

    You can send quick reactions in Kumospace. Hover over your avatar, and click on an Emoji to make it appear. 

    People tab

    On the left of the bottom control bar, you can see the People tab. Clicking on it allows you to quick-search for participants, and view who is in the space. 

    Send personal messages to guests in the space:

    1. Click the People tab on the left of the bottom control bar, or press the P key on your keyboard, and find the person you want to chat with. 
    2. Click the three dots beside their name, and select Direct Message from the dropdown.
    3. Enter your message in the field provided, and click Send.

    You don’t need to be on the same Floor as someone to search for them, or to send them a personal message!

    People tab for Hosts

    Kumospace hosts and co-hosts will have additional options displayed in their People tab, allowing them to manage guests, including:

    • Promote and demote co-hosts.
    • Block and unblock participants from space.
    • Mute individual or all guests on the Floor.
    • Move people to seats.

    Scope out this help article for more information on Managing Co-hosts and Guests.

    Settings tab

    The Settings tab can be found on the right of the bottom control bar. Click on it, or press the key on your keyboard to access your settings directly from your space. 


    You can switch between the User and Floor tabs in the top of the Settings window to adjust your: 

    • User settings: These only affect your personal experience in Kumospace, like your camera and microphone inputs, interface, and sound alerts. 

    User Settings

    Selecting the User tab, on the top left of the Settings menu, allows you to:

    • Change your Camera and Microphone inputs
    • Choose whether to Show audio radius
    • Mirror videos
    • Show videos – In case of low bandwidth, it can help to untick this box, turning off everybody's videos. You can turn your video back on by clicking the Camera button
    • Disable the Double-click to move action
    • Choose whether to Play sound for new chat messages
    • Mute the Sound of the doorbell when someone enters. Note that the doorbell will only sound when there are less than ten people in the room.
      Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 21.14.36
      Tick your preferred options to apply.

    Floor Settings

    Selecting the Floor tab, on the top right of the Settings menu, Kumospace hosts and co-hosts can:

    • Rename the Floor on the fly.
    • Change the Floor Capacity.
    • Adjust the Audio Range.

    For more details on elevated host and co-host permissions, check out this help article about Managing Co-hosts and Guests.

    Leave the Floor

    If you’d like to leave the floor you’re on, click Back to Lobby in the bottom control bar.

    To go to another Floor in the Space, go back to the Lobby and click on the Floor you'd like to go to next. 

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    If you’d like to exit the space entirely, click Back to Lobby in the bottom control bar, then click Exit Space on the right of the bottom control bar in the Lobby. 

    Alternatively, you can just close out the browser tab and disappear 💨. When using this method, we encourage you to say goodbye to everyone first!


    Interested in getting your own Kumospace? It's easy!

    Go to your Profile and click Create Space.

    For more details, scope out our help section on Setting up Your Kumospace