Kumospace Features

Kumospace is full of engaging tools to help you build meaningful connections online. Read this guide to learn about using our core features Broadcast, Present, and our Chat and People functions.

Broadcast and Present

These presentation tools are exclusive to Kumospace hosts and co-hosts. Regular guests will not be able to open their Broadcast and Present tabs. 

Read more about assigning co-hosts in Hosting Events in Kumospace.

Broadcast Range

Share your video and audio with the room you’re in, or across the entire space:

  1. Click the Broadcast tab in the bottom control bar.
  2. Set your Broadcast Range to either This room or All rooms.
  3. Click Start to begin broadcasting.
broadcast to entire space

Note that choosing to broadcast to All rooms will interrupt any ongoing broadcasts.


Multiple participants can broadcast together, and each room can have its own broadcast running simultaneously, perfect for multitrack conferences:

  1. Ensure that all participants intending to Broadcast, are either the host, or have been promoted to co-hosts.
  2. Click the Broadcast tab, and set your Broadcast Range to This room or All rooms.
  3. Click Start to begin broadcasting.
multi broadcast

You can also combine the Broadcast and Present functions by clicking on both tabs.


The Present feature In Kumospace is diverse allowing you to share a variety of sources with the room you’re in, or across the space.

  1. Ensure that everyone intending to Present, is either the host, or has been promoted to co-host. 
  2. Click the Present tab and set your Broadcast Range to This room or All rooms.
  3. Select your Source from the following options:
    • Screen: Share your Entire screen, a chosen Window, or Chrome tab.
    • Secondary Camera*: Share your secondary camera using OBS.
    • Stream a Local File*: Share a music or video file from your computer.
present chrome tab

*Advanced Present features are available on our paid plans. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information about the perks and special features of the Professional and Custom plans.


Kumospace offers a Chat function that allows users to send private messages to one another, or to the whole group, in the same room, or across the space. 

To start chatting:

    1. Click the Chat tab, on the left of the bottom control bar, or press the C key on your keyboard.
    2. Select one of the following options from the dropdown:
      • All rooms: This will send a message to everyone in the space, even if they are in a different room.
      • Current room: This will send a message only to the people in the same room as you. 
      • Nearby: This will send a message only to the people in your audio circle, i.e. people who can hear you will be able to read it.
      • Specific person: This will send a private message only to the person you have selected. 
    3.   Enter your message in the provided field and click Send.

    Private Chat

    Make sure to click on the correct name when sending a private message so you don’t mistakenly message the entire group! 

    Scope out our Securing Your Space article for details on adjusting the chat options available to your guests.

    People tab

    On the left of the bottom control bar, you can see the People tab. Clicking on it allows you to quick-search for participants, and view who is in the space. 

    Search people

    You can also use it to send personal messages to individual guests in the space:

    1. Click the People tab on the left of the bottom control bar, or press the P key on your keyboard, and find the person you want to chat with. 
    2. Click the three dots beside their name, and select Direct Message from the dropdown.
    3. Enter your message in the field provided, and click Send.

    You don’t need to be in the same room as someone to search for them, or to send them a personal message!

    People tab for Hosts

    Kumospace hosts and co-hosts will have additional options displayed in their People tab, allowing them to manage guests, including:

    • Promote and demote co-hosts.
    • Block and unblock participants from space.
    • Mute individual or all guests in the room.
    • Move guests to seats.
    move to seats

    For more details on managing your guests, read about Hosting Events in Kumospace.


    The Settings tab can be found on the right of the bottom control bar. Click on it, or press the T key on your keyboard to access your settings directly from your space. 

    Settings tab

    You can switch between the User and Room tabs in the top of the Settings window to adjust your: 

    • User settings: These only affect your personal experience in Kumospace, like your camera and microphone inputs, interface, and sound alerts. 

    User Settings

    Selecting the User tab, on the top left of the Settings menu, allows you to:

    • Change your Camera and Microphone inputs.
    • Choose whether to display your Audio Range.
    • Mirror your video.
    • Disable the Click to move action.
    • Choose whether to Play sound for new chat messages.
    • Mute the Sound of the doorbell when someone enters. Note that the doorbell will only sound when there are less than ten people in the room.

    Room Settings

    Selecting the Room tab, on the top right of the Settings menu, Kumospace hosts and co-hosts can:

    • Rename the room on the fly.
    • Change the Room Capacity.
    • Adjust the Audio Range.

    For more details on elevated host and co-host permissions, check out this help article about Hosting an Event.


    In the center-left of the bottom control bar, you will see the Camera button. Clicking it allows you to turn your camera off or on. Alternatively, you can press the 1 key on your keyboard. 

    If you ever experience any issues with your video, try switching your camera off and on, using the Camera button. This resets your video and should fix the issue.


    In the center of the bottom control bar, you’ll find the Microphone button. Clicking it will allow you to mute and unmute yourself. The keyboard shortcut for the Microphone button is the 2 key. 

    If you ever experience any sound issues, try switching your microphone off and on, using the Microphone button. This resets your audio and should fix the issue. 

    Emoji reactions

    You can send quick reactions in Kumospace. Hover over your avatar, and click on an Emoji to make it appear. 



    If you need any help, get in touch: hello@kumospace.com 👋