How to add and manage custom images

Custom Images are a great way to add logos and gifs to your Kumospace

Make your space uniquely you with images or logos. To add whatever image you want, just follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Edit  tab and scroll down to the Custom dropdown.
2. Select the Custom image custom image object object and drag-and-drop it into the desired position in your Kumospace.
3. Hover over the Custom image custom image object object and click the Settings  button, then paste in an image URL address when prompted. 

Add an image you find online

To get the URL of an image from the Internet, simply select your desired image, right click on it and choose “Copy image address” from the dropdown, then paste the URL into your Kumospace using the above process. The best images for Kumospace are those with transparent backgrounds. See this video for tips on how to import custom images from the Internet.


Add an image from your computer

If you need to upload a custom image from your computer, we suggest using a public hosting service e.g. Imgur Upload to generate a URL link for your image. Simply drag and drop the image from your computer into Imgur Upload, right click on the image and choose Copy image address, then paste the URL into your Kumospace using the above process. See this video on how to generate a URL for images from your computer.

Resizing Images

Currently, images can't be resized once uploaded. If you need to resize something, you can use public hosting services like Imgur Upload to resize custom images. Private accounts like Google Photos won’t display images for users who are not signed in, so we suggest hosting them publicly. Follow these simple steps:
Go to Imgur Upload and when prompted either drag and drop an image from your computer or copy and paste an image URL of an image you found online.
Click on the three dots (...) in the top right of the image and choose Edit image from the dropdown.

Change the size of the image in the top right corner to your desired size and then click Save. Right click on the resized image, choose Copy image address and copy the URL into Kumospace using the above process. See this video on how to resize your images using a free tool called Imgur Upload.


Embed animated GIFs

Follow the simple steps below to bring some fun and whimsy to your Kumospace with an animated gif:

1. Open your Edit  tab and scroll down to the Custom dropdown

2. Select the Giphy giphy object object, and drag and drop it into your space.

3. Hover over the Giphy object, click the Settings  button and search for your desired gif. 

Kumospace insider's tip: Use's stickers to find GIFs for your Kumospace!