Hosting Events in Kumospace

Hosting events in Kumospace is similar to real life — it's best to plan ahead. Here are some tips and best practices to ensure everything runs smoothly at your virtual event.

Host powers

Kumospace hosts, marked by a ✪, are the creators of the account, and have elevated permissions. These include:

  • Managing space security settings: Name your space and select the appropriate privacy settings for your space and individual rooms.
  • Managing chat settings: Choose the chat settings you would like for your guests. Hosts and co-hosts will still be able to use all chat options.
  • Managing rooms: Create, edit, and delete rooms, close them to guests, choose pre-designed templates, and customize them.
  • Designating co-hosts: Promote your guests to co-hosts to help moderate events. Demote co-hosts as needed.
  • Plus, everything co-hosts can do! See below.

Co-host powers

Hosts can appoint co-hosts to help manage events, and share certain permissions with them. Co-hosts, indicated by a ✩, have access to the following features:

  • Broadcast and Present: Share your video and the contents of your screen with the room you're in or across the entire space. For more details on using these tools, review our help article on Kumospace Features
  • Changing audio range: Adjust the audio range, represented by the faint circle around you, to one of four options: Quiet, Normal, Loud, or Entire Space.
  • Moving guests to seats: Perfect for when you'd like everyone to be seated, guests will be moved to the nearest seat.
  • Muting participants: Mute unruly guests (they can unmute themselves if necessary).
  • Blocking participants: Block disruptive guests from your space.

For a brief overview of host and co-host permissions, scope out our Host and Co-host Guide.

Before the event

Once you have set up your Kumospace account and created rooms for your event, take a moment to consider securing your space.

Note that you can close individual rooms or your entire space so that only hosts and co-hosts can enter, while you’re preparing your event.

Expected number of guests

Plan ahead for how many people you expect to join your event. 

On our free plan, you can host events of up to 30 concurrent participants. If you are planning a larger event, we recommend increasing your space capacity by signing up for our Professional or Custom plans. 

Please refer to our Pricing page for more information about the benefits of going Pro, or book some time to talk with our sales team

Manage co-hosts

There are two ways to promote your guests to co-host, or demote them.

  • While they are in your space:
  1. Click the People tab on the left of the bottom control bar, and the People menu will appear, showing you a list of people currently in your space. 
  2. Click the three dots next to their name, and select the Promote to Co-host option.
People - promote to cohost

Co-hosts will keep their status during all future events in your Kumospace until you demote them.

To demote someone from co-host, repeat the above steps, and select the Demote from Co-host option at the end.

  • If the person is not in your space:
  1. Click the People tab in the bottom control bar.
  2. Click the Manage Guests dropdown at the top of the People menu. 
  3. Select the Manage Co-hosts option and add the email of the person you want to promote to co-host.

People - Manage cohosts-1


The Manage Co-hosts menu displays all your co-hosts, who you can remove by clicking the Demote button next to their name.

Kumospace Features

Next, consider the kind of event you're hosting and your guests’ experience. Is it a social or work event? Are you streaming with friends or giving a class? Will there be speakers or group performances? 

For ideas on how to make unforgettable events in Kumospace, read about Kumospace furniture and interactive apps, like:

  • Group Broadcast across All rooms: Perfect for group presentations and panel discussions.
  • Present a Secondary Camera or Stream a Local File*: Share much more than just your screen.
  • Custom Links tablet: Link out to any URL.
  • Whiteboard: Ideal for brainstorming and collaboration sessions.
  • Jukebox: Play your favorite Spotify music.
  • YouTube: Stream YouTube on our TV furniture.
  • Custom Images and Gifs: Brand the space and add personal touches.
  • Drink stations: Engage guests with virtual beverages.
  • Pre-designed templates: New template releases with every Kumospace update.
  • And more: Check out our Solutions page to learn about how other people have used Kumospace. 

Feel free to book a time with our sales team if you need help organizing your event. 

Invite your guests

There are a number of ways to invite guests to your Kumospace:

  • While you're in your space:
  1. Click the Invite button at the top of your screen and the Invite people popup will appear.
  2. Choose whether to invite guests to your space or to the room you're in, by switching between the Share Space and Share Room tabs.
  3. Invite guests via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, or Whatsapp, by clicking on their respective icons, or click the Copy URL button to send the invitation link to your guests.
  • You can also invite guests to your space, by sending them your unique Kumospace URL directly. Your Kumospace URL looks like this:

Invitation resources

Feel free to share the following resources with your invitation, to ensure your guests have a smooth and enjoyable Kumospace experience.

During the event 

Manage Guests

Hosts and co-hosts can use the People tab as a useful tool for managing guests, in addition to searching for people, viewing who is in the space, and which room they’re in.

Move Guests to Seats

When you’d like everyone to be seated, you can:

  1. Open the People tab on the left of the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Click the Manage Guests dropdown at the top of the People menu.
  3. Select the Move Guests to Seats option.

move to seats

Guests will be moved to the nearest seat to them.

Mute Guests

To mute individuals:

  1. Open the People tab on the left of the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Click the three dotsnext to their name and select the Mute option.

Muted participants can easily unmute themselves if necessary.

To mute all guests simultaneously:

  1. Open the People tab on the left of the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Click the Manage Guests dropdown at the top of the People menu.
  3. Select the Mute All Guests in the Room option.
mute all

Block and Unblock Guests

Sometimes you may need to remove misbehaving guests from your space:

  1. Click the People tab in the bottom control bar.
  2. Click the three dotsnext to their name.
  3. Select the Remove from Space option.
Block user

Blocked users will not be able to return to your space until you grant them access again. 

To unblock a user:

  1. Click the People tab in the bottom control bar.
  2. Click the Manage Guests dropdown at the top of the People menu.
  3. Select the Manage Blocked Guests option and click Unblock next to their name.

Manage the room 

Hosts and co-hosts can manage Room settings in real-time, during events:

  1. Click the Settings tab, on the right of the bottom control bar.
  2. Switch between the User and Room tabs at the top of the Settings menu to adjust your: 
    • User settings: These only affect your personal experience in Kumospace, e.g. your Camera and Microphone inputs, and your preferences on Interface and Sound Alerts

Tick your preferred options to apply. 

    • Room settings: These are only visible to hosts and co-hosts to help them manage events. Switching to the Room tab, allows you to Rename the room, change Room Capacity, and adjust the Audio Range
      Click Save Changes to apply Room settings.

To change the audio range:

  1. Click the Settings button on the right of the bottom control bar, and scroll down to Audio Range.
  2. Choose from four different audio ranges depending on the event you're hosting:
    • Quiet: This reduces the radius of guests' spatial audio range - a good option for when you have a packed room, to help your guests avoid hearing too many conversations at once.
    • Normal: This is the default setting and works well with groups of all sizes.
    • Loud: This increases the radius of guests' spatial audio range. This is a good option for when you need large groups to be part of a conversation. 
    • Entire Room: This option gives everyone in the room a megaphone. Everyone can hear everybody else in the room, no matter how far away they are from each other. This option is good for large meetings.

settings -change audio range
   3.   Click Save Changes to apply Room settings.

Customize on the fly

Hosts and co-hosts can access the Edit tab, on the bottom right of the screen, to reveal the Customize Room menu. 

Open the Edit tab and you can make changes to your space in real time, during an event - perfect for when you need to add extra chairs. Close the tab to get back to Kumospace. 

real time customization-1

Kumospace etiquette

Kumospace is built to be social, so be welcoming to all participants. Who knows – you might make some awesome new friends along the way!

Some helpful tips:

  • Avoid huddling up at the bottom of the screen. Explore the room!
  • Mingle with the other participants.
  • Welcome new folks into the conversation.
  • Feel free to break off into smaller groups.
  • Say hello and goodbye to your host.
  • Most importantly, have fun! 😄

If you need help planning your event in Kumospace, don't hesitate to get in touch: 👋