Setting up your Enterprise Account

At Kumospace, we understand the unique needs of enterprise customers when it comes to security, exposure and representation. Here are our tips and best practices to ensure that everything runs smoothly at your event.


1. Create your account and unique Kumospace URL

To customize your own virtual space, first make sure you've set up your account and created your space at Simply click Create Space and follow the prompts.

2. Manage your rooms

To edit your space, find it in your Profile, click Join Space and then Join. If you are signed in to your account as a host, this will take you to the Lobby where you can see your existing rooms, add new ones, and adjust your settings and privacy options.

The Settings button in the upper right of every room thumbnail will allow you to Edit name, Close Room, Change to Template, Make a Copy or Delete room. You can also add a new room by clicking Add Room from this page.

settings on thumbnail-2

Each room has a default capacity of 30 people. If you would like to increase your room capacity, please contact our sales team

3. Secure your space

Clicking on the Settings and Privacy button on the top right of your Lobby will allow you to change the name of your space, and adjust your Privacy and Chat Settings. 

Simply choose your preferred options and then click Save:

Everyone: You can set your Kumospace so that attendees are not required to register with an email to enter. 

Registered Users: This is the default setting. Allowing only registered users to access your space makes it easier to remove misbehaving guests. Note that removing participants is permanent. 

Password protection: Select this option and you will be prompted to choose a password. Only guests with whom you've shared your password will be able to access your space. 

Guest list Access: Select this option and you will be prompted to enter the email addresses of participants who are allowed access to your space. You can enter the email addresses manually, or upload a CSV (comma separated values) file, which allows you to add up to 1000 email addresses at once. 

Closed Space: The final option allows you to prevent access to all attendees except hosts and co-hosts.

space name and privacy settings

Many of these security options are available in our paid plans. Please refer to our pricing page for more information about securing your space.

You can also choose the ways in which your guests use the Chat function, or disable it completely by unticking all of the boxes. Note that no matter which chat option you select, hosts and co-hosts will still be able to message using all methods. chat settings

4. Appoint co-hosts and moderate events

As a host, you can designate co-hosts to help manage your event.

Co-hosts are able to access the Edit edit-button tab and customize your space, adjust the audio range, mute disruptive guests during an event, and permanently remove misbehaving participants from your space. They will remain co-hosts during all future events in your Kumospace, until you remove their co-host status.

Promoting someone to a co-host is simple, while you are both in your space, click the People tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, then click on the three dots (...) next to their name and select Promote to Co-host.

promote to cohost

To demote a co-host, enter your space with them, click on People, then click on the three dots (…) beside their name, and select Remove Co-host.

    Muting participants 

    Hosts and co-hosts have the option to mute unruly guests. Muted participants can easily unmute themselves if necessary.

    To mute someone in your space, click People from the navigation bar at the bottom left of your screen, click on the three dots (...) beside that person's name, and then click Mute.

    Removing participants

    Hosts and co-hosts have the option to remove misbehaving guests from your space. If you remove someone, they will be permanently blocked from returning to your space. Note that in order to remove a participant from your space, they need to be a registered user.

    To remove someone from your space during an event, click the People tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, then click on the three dots (...) beside their name and select Remove from Space.


    4. Add your logo

    If you have upgraded your Kumospace account to Custom Spaces, you can use the Custom image function to include your logo, branding, product images or any other image you want. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Open the Edit tab and scroll down to the Custom dropdown.
    2. Select the Custom image custom image object object and drag-and-drop it into the desired position in your Kumospace.
    3. Hover over the Custom image custom image object object and click the Settings button, then paste in an image URL address when prompted.
      1.  To get the URL of an image from the Internet, simply right click on it and choose “Copy image address” from the dropdown. See our video tutorial for tips on how to import custom images from the Internet.
      2. If you need to upload a custom image from your computer, we suggest using a public hosting service e.g. Imgur Upload, to generate a URL link for your image. See this video on how to generate a URL for images from your computer.

    Note: Currently, images cannot be resized once uploaded. If you need to resize an image, you can use public hosting services like Imgur to upload custom images and then copy the URL into Kumospace using the above process. See our video tutorial for instructions on resizing custom images

    Private accounts like Google Photos won’t display images for users who are not signed in, so we suggest hosting them publicly on Imgur.

    You can check out this article for more information about Custom Spaces, and watch the video tutorial below for extra help adding custom images:

    Common Enterprise Questions

    What is the maximum hosting capacity? 

    On our free plan, you can host events of up to 30 concurrent participants. If you are planning a larger event, we recommend signing up for our Professional or Custom plans. Please refer to our pricing page or book some time to talk with our sales team

    Can I Make a Recording of an Event?

    At this time, no. We prioritize user privacy and data security, and at this time it is not possible for users to record a Kumospace event. If this is important to your event, we suggest you look into Loom, a free app that allows you to record in-browser experiences.

    If you have suggestions about how we could build this functionally into Kumospace directly, feel free to reach out to us at We are working on developing a number of new features and would love to hear your feedback.