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Common Technical Questions

Answers to common technical troubleshooting and issues.

Let's quickly solve your problem and get you back to having fun in your Kumospace. If you don't see the answer to your question here, please email us so we may include an answer to it ASAP!

How do I change or reset my password?

If you are looking to change your password, simply sign out (see instruction here) of your account and follow these reset password instructions.

Resetting your password is quick and easy.

  1. Go to your Profile and click Sign in with EmailSign In with Email
  2. Type your email in and click Next.
  3. Then click Trouble Signing In at the bottom of the login box.
    Trouble Signing In
  4. And finally, click Send to recover your password.

Still having trouble? It might be because of these two issues: not using the correct email or having originally signed up for Kumospace via a Google account. 

If you see this message after completing Step #2, type your email in and click Next, then you will have logged in via a Google Account. Simply click Sign In With Google to re-access your Kumospace account.

Re-access Your Account via Google

If after completing Step #2, you type in your email and click Next, and you arrive at this screen, then the email you are using to access your Kumospace is not the one associated with your Kumospace account.

Trouble Signing In

Please check all your email accounts for an email with the subject line “Welcome to Kumospace!” This email will have been sent to the email address associated with your account.

Having further issues? Please contact: hello@kumospace.com

How do I change my Kumospace URL?

To change your Kumospace URL, go to your Profile and click on the Manage Space button, then select Edit Space

manage space

You will be prompted to enter your new URL. Make sure that it is available, they're going quick! 

change url

Don't forget to click Save and update your friends about your new Kumospace address!

How do I transfer the space to someone else?

At this time we do not have this as a self-serve feature, but shoot us an email: hello@kumospace.com, and we will quickly solve this for you. In order to save time with your inquiry, please be sure to include your current space URL, email, and desired new email address to be associated with your space. 


Is Kumospace accessible to all users (computer accessibility)?

We want everyone to have access to what we hope is the most fun place to hang out on the internet. Therefore, we are working diligently to make Kumospace a great experience for everyone. If you have suggestions for how we can make Kumospace more accessible, please email us: hello@kumospace.com.

Do you offer an API?

While we don’t have this feature available at the moment, it's definitely on the road map! 

You're welcome to try an iframe with Kumospace, but please note that once you do we can't officially provide support. Plenty of companies have done this for large and very successful events in the past! Here's a tip: you might want to have a link to this Help Center handy for your guests if they have any trouble viewing the iframe. 

How to add live captioning to your Kumospace

To add live captions to your video chat experience in Kumospace, you must be using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer. Go to Preferences in the Chrome drop-down menu and follow these instructions.

captioningOnce this is done, Chrome will display captions at the bottom of your screen as shown below:

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 1.56.37 PM

How do I delete my space?

To delete your space, go to your Profile, click Manage Space, and select Delete space.manage space
Then confirm that you want to delete your space. 

delete space

Note to our Pro users: if you want to delete your space, please email us at hello@kumospace.com, so we can help. 

How do I delete my Kumospace account?

We are very sorry to see you go! We’d love it if you could give us some feedback about why you are leaving Kumospace.

To delete your Kumospace account, you must first delete your space (see above). You will not be able to delete your account if you still have a URL live in your profile. Once you have done that, click Edit Profile and then Delete Account


If you have further requests related to deleting your account, you can email us: hello@kumospace.com and we will promptly address your concerns. Please remember to include the email you used when setting up your account in your message to us to help us service your request as quickly as possible.

I’d like to report an issue

We're constantly making updates so Kumospace gets even better, and we’re fast to fix issues when they’re reported. You can help! In general, the best process for reporting is:

  1. Describe the issue you experienced so that we can reproduce it, for example: "I'm using a PC and Chrome. I clicked broadcast, the first dialog came up. I clicked start broadcast and I could see myself, but nobody else could see me."
  2. Open devtools in your browser and share the information you see there:
    1. To open devtools, press Command+Option+J (Mac) or Control+Shift+J (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS) to jump straight into the Console panel of Chrome DevTools. 
    2. Filter for "errors and warnings" using the dropdown list.
      console screenshot
    3. Screenshot or copy what you see, and send it our way.
  3. Include any other screenshots of the issue you experienced.

Send your reports to us by emailing hello@kumospace.com. Thank you for helping make Kumospace even better!


Didn't find the answer to your question? Email us: hello@kumospace.com