Common Data & Privacy Questions

Overview of how Kumospace approaches data and privacy

We take data security and privacy very seriously. We are not in the business of collecting and selling data on users.

What information does Kumospace collect?

At Kumospace, we are very deliberate about what information we collect. Please read our Privacy Policy. We do not store any video or audio recordings.

Is Kumospace encrypted?

Kumospace uses WebRTC, an open-source technology that provides web browsers and mobile applications with real-time communication. We use Daily and Agora as our video and audio backend services.

In Kumospace, video and audio from your camera and microphone are encrypted during transport, then is briefly decrypted in memory in our providers' clouds, and is immediately re-encrypted before being sent to other participants in that Kumospace. Decrypted media is not written to any persistent storage or sent across the network.

Chat messages are encrypted before being sent to Kumospace's servers, then briefly decrypted in our servers, and is immediately re-encrypted before being sent to the relevant participants. Private messages are only ever sent to the intended recipient.

Where are Kumospace's servers?

In order to provide the best user experience, Kumospace chooses a server location closest to the first participant who joins a room. Server locations include Virginia, Oregon, London, Cape Town, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and Sydney. 

Additionally, we have other servers which are all located in the United States. 

Is Kumospace compliant with my organization?

If we are not already compliant with your organization, we are excited to work together with your organization to fix this issue.

Kumospace is already being used by people at some of the largest companies in the world, including Facebook, Google, and Shopify. We are used by a number of city, state, and national governments around the world (hi 🇨🇦!) as well as by academic institutions including Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.

If you have questions about your specific organization, please email us on

Where is Kumospace domiciled?

Kumospace is headquartered in the United States. Like many US-based technology companies, we are incorporated in Delaware. 

If you have any further questions or wish to talk to a member of the team, email us: