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Whiteboard and Custom Link Tablet

Read this article to learn about using the Whiteboard and the Custom Link Tablet in Kumospace.


To add a collaboration station to your room:

  1.  Open the Edit  tab and go to the Activities dropdown.
  2. Select the Whiteboard, and drag and drop it into your Kumospace.

You and your guests can access the Whiteboard itself by simply clicking on it, prompting it to open up right in Kumospace. Create an account to collaborate and invite others to access your workspace.

Note: Hosts and Co-Hosts will need to close their Edit  tab to interact with the Whiteboard.

Custom Link Tablet

Use our Custom Link Tablet to add portals to other websites to your Kumospace. You can link to content pages, Google Drive presentations, blogs, games and more, without leaving your Kumospace, or choose to have them open in a new tab. 

Add a Tablet to your Space:

  1. Open up the Edit  tab and scroll down to the Custom dropdown
  2. Select the Custom Link Tablet, and drag and drop it into your space.
  3. Hover your mouse over the Tablet, click the Settings  button and a pop-up will prompt you to add the URL of the website you want to link to. You can also customize the text you’d like to appear on the tablet screen in your Kumospace. For more tips, scope out this video tutorial on using the custom link tablet.

Note: Unfortunately, some websites don’t allow iFrames, so you won’t be able to open them directly from your Kumospace. If you see this error appear   tick the box under Link Options, and choose to have your custom link open in a new tab. 


If you need any help using collaboration tools in Kumospace, reach out to us at hello@kumospace.com