Space Analytics

Read this quick guide to learn about using space analytics, available to our Professional and Custom plan subscribers.

Kumospace hosts are able to view the usage of their space broken down by Floor and User name.

To view your space analytics:

  1. Go to your Space page and click Join your space.
  2. Click View space analytics📈 on the top right of your screen. 
  3. Scroll horizontally to see more of the analytics table when it's wider than your screen.
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You can also access your space analytics on www.kumospace/YourSpaceName/analytics, just insert your space name. 

Date range

You can select a range of dates you'd like to view, starting in January 2021. You can view up to 31 days of data at a time. 

Download a CSV file

To download a CSV file of your space analytics, click the Download CSV button in the top right corner.


Please refer to our Pricing page to learn more about the perks and special features of our Professional and Custom plans. 


If you need help or have questions about space analytics, please reach out at